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Women’s Fellowship

    In simple words praying means a conversation with God or asking something to God or spending time with God. Everyone in this beautiful world prays to God in different ways and prayer is an essential thing in everyone’s life. Prayer can prevent the fight between nations, it can heal the sickness and miseries in life, prayer can change the lives of needy people, and in humble and honest prayers there is great power.

     In Azhakam, we have a prayer group which consist of 25 Godly women who gather not to pray for themselves, but for our ministry and needs. This small group was started as a small gathering on every Wednesdays, and has changed into meetings that meet more than three times per week in different places. In addition to prayer group, our group members spend time visiting houses and hospitals to pray for the sick and to help them in their struggles.

     When we visit houses or hospitals we see that it creates happiness in the lives of lonely and sick people and gives them a hope that there are people who cares for them. Every second Saturday of each month all mothers in our women’s ministry gather together in a home to pray specially for children in our children’s home and for each other’s children. Also, most of the ladies in this ministry organize and conduct Sunday School for the children’s in our church and children’s home. In short, Women’s fellowship spends the time for the benefit of all the people in the society. From this prayer ministry many people are experiencing miracle healing and a greater joy in their life.

If you have any prayer request that you would like share with us, please feel free to submit the prayer request form and we will pray for you. 


If you want to be  part of this ministry or want to learn more about us, please fill the Contac Us form or mail to info@emmanuelvision.org