Community Development

Emmanuel Community Development 

     As evangelism grows to more global parts of the world, it is important that we do not forget our neighbors. As it is said in Bible chapter Mark 12:31”Love your neighbor as yourself” which is the second most important commandment from God. This true loving heart will give us a willingness to help and show the truth of Christ towards our neighbors.

    Emmanuel Community Development Scheme is a group of Godly members who are actively functioning locally by sharing gospel among tribal, slum, and other neighboring areas and also helping them with small resources. In December we conduct our annual convention, were Godly evangelical speakers gives powerful and spiritual messages to our community. Other activities include conducting awareness classes about drugs and alcoholic addiction and also conducting medical camps. We usually visit slums and leper colonies nearby and provides them with small helpful resources that we can provide. We are praying and hoping to find more people who are like minded and to be part of our ministry.


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If you want to be  part of this ministry or want to learn more about us, please fill the Contact Us form or mail to