About Us

Emmanuel Society is a non-profit organization. Founded in the year 2000 in Azhakam, Kerala (a town in the southern part of India), our main purpose is to show the love of Jesus Christ by looking after the poor, homeless, and orphaned children within our society. We provide them with nutritious food, proper clothing, and a quality education that will enable them to live independently in God’s fear. Our goal in all these activities is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ.
Our ministry is divided into five main sections:
  1. Emmanuel Children's Home: Founded in the year 2000, this institution has grown from a shelter for 12 children to an amazing 85! Presently, this institution is housing 40 boys, 45 girls, and nine foundling ones.
  2. Emmanuel Mission School:  This institution was founded in the year 2002 with the aim of blessing both those living in our children’s home and the children in the surrounding community with a quality education. This school provides academics up until the 7th grade with English Medium as our language standard. Our thirteen teaching and non-teaching staff members are invaluable in rendering their services to these children.
  3. Women Ministry: Without the power of prayer our ministry wouldn’t sustain. A prayer team of twenty-five Godly women spend their valuable time praying for our various needs. They also engage in local ministry by sharing the gospel, visiting homes with the intention of praying for residents, and visiting hospitals to aid in the care of the the sick.
  4. Gospel Fellowship in India While all of our ministries are vital, our main aim is to preach the gospel all over India. We regularly host bible classes, organize outreach programs, and plant churches.
  5. Emmanuel Community Development Scheme The Christian faith is unique in its power to positively transform communities. We play an active role in the development of our local environment. These activities include social work among the people living in tribal communities and slums by leading classes that spread awareness about the dangers of drug and alcoholic addiction, conducting medical camps, etc...
Our Mission:
  • To protect at least 1,000 children in our country by 2020 by providing them with healthy food, a safe living environment, proper clothing, and a quality education.
  • To aid the children of local tribal communities in acquiring their basic physical needs as well as and an education.
  • To help the children of sexual workers, beggars, lepers, and prisoners who are in need of protection and care (as well as providing them with their basic physical needs and an education).
  • To educate children with the necessary skills to earn sustainable employment in order to live independently in God’s fear.
Our Vision: 
  • To protect homeless, needy, and unprivileged children irrespective of their caste, religion, race, or social status as well as provide them with their basic needs and a quality education.
  • To raise the very children that society has marginalized and oppressed up as fruitful citizens of a prosperous future who can earn an independent living in God’s fear.
  • In every aspect, our vision is to provide helping and praying hands to everyone in the backward area of society and to show God’s grace and love in all our activities.

If you want to be a part of our ministry or want to learn more about us, please fill the Contact Us form or mail to info@emmanuelvision.org